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Parsley Buttered Lobster

If you've been lucky enough to get a sumptuous live lobster in your box, give your Sunday lunch a serious kick this week: Make lobster. The prospect of cooking your lobster might seem a little daunting, but in fact it's very simple. This dish will not only look great

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The Surf n Turf Sarnie

This truly is the King of Sandwiches. Luxurious flavours of lobster, steak, and goats cheese all wrapped up in a toasted brioche bun that you can eat with your fingers (no need for any of that pretentious cutlery lark here).

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Lobster Nachos

Once you've tried this twist on the classic Tex Mex nacho bowl, you'll never go back. This is the best crunchy finger food to share (or keep all to yourself, these are seriously good).